My Story

The Day That Changed My Life

“You don’t understand,” I told him.

This will be a turning point for me. This will be a crucial day for my life and I will never be the same.”

I looked at him with tears in my eyes as I attempted to keep them from running down my face.

Sitting there with my three children and my big baby belly, I wanted to express my wants and my wishes. Students in the room while I was laboring would be a major distraction to me. Any other time in my life would be fine for someone to observe me, monitor me, even learn from me. I can be a science project, but not on this special day. No, this day is about me. This would be my time, my day that I worked for. That I dreamed of. That I prepared for with everything within me.

“I’m an introvert. I respect what you are saying, but I am sorry. I can’t have people around me…anymore than absolutely necessary. My life will change one way or another on this day,” I told my doctor at my 35 week appointment.

I didn’t realize the weight of my words at that point in time. You see, that day, the birth of my baby did become a turning point for me. I walked into the hospital as a momma who was pregnant, had three previous c-sections, who dealt and struggled with fear for most of her entire life.  And I left the hospital as a mom who conquered her fear, her worry, her anxiety because of her great, big, God. I left as a momma with her sweet, precious fourth baby who arrived by a vaginal birth. I left with a greater faith in myself, a greater confidence in my capabilities,  a greater confidence in my body…that it had not failed me, a greater appreciation for the beauty of birth. I left with a greater faith than I ever had in my life, that my God was who He said He was, and I could do what He said I could do.

I left with my head held high, my senses so acutely aware of all the sounds, smells, sights, feelings around me. It was almost like I was completely new again, reborn. The fears had fallen away. His love enveloped me. I have always known His love. But this, this was new. I could FEEL it.  His presence…powerful. His promises…true. As I had worshiped Him in labor, I continued to worship Him as I left the hospital to start what would be a new life for me in many ways.

And just to be so very real, I couldn’t cope with his goodness. I cried… a lot. Postpartum hormones they say. No, my friends. It was the presence of God. The conquering of fears that plagued me. That I’m not enough.  That I can’t do these kinds of things. But He said, “Yes, my daughter. You can. With me, you can.”

So the tears that were explained as postpartum, well they have continued. Every day since this birth, my eyes have been wet, my cheeks have been streaked. Yes, a beautiful baby in my life. One of my most deepest desires. Another precious, darling baby. But you see, I cry for more than that. I cry because of His goodness. His love. His power. His mighty, mighty love for me. I realize that yes, He did want this birth experience for me. He wanted this pregnancy for me, this baby. He wanted this entire journey so I could learn once again, I can trust Him. Even with my life. The scare tactics of the medical world, the doubts of those surrounding me, the uncertainty portrayed everywhere on the ‘safety’ of what I was doing. These were real thoughts that I faced, minute by minute, day after day. As my baby grew within me, I was growing as well in the Lord. “Trust Me, daughter…I have you. I am blessing this. Trust Me.”

And I did. Some may look at me and see the same person they knew before. But I am not. This birth has changed my entire life and I cannot get over it. I cannot get over His goodness. His love and His goodness that has moved me to be a better wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend. Someone who can be with her children and enjoy her life because she trusts in her God instead of a constant worrying about everything. I can trust Him.

What concerns your heart? What mountain do you face? What is in front of you that looks like more than you can possibly handle and keeps you awake at night…doubting. He doesn’t change. He is the same God of the Bible, the Mighty One able to perform miracles. The One who wants to pull us close and make those fears fade. Just like a memory. To know His love. To really know Him like it’s our everything. That’s when the other stuff falls away. And we can just…be.

Tell Him you need Him.

Tell Him you want to know Him.

Open the Bible.

Read His words.

They are for you.

I promise if you dig in, your life too will change.


4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Michael says:

    You are a very special young lady! Your dedication to God, family and your beliefs are not shared by enough in today’s face paced world. Keep following your desires and dreams, your experiences will definitely help others that are on the same path!

  2. Raffa says:

    You have a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope that all your babys grow up to be as happy as you wore when they born.


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